At a certain point, Andrew and I realized—even with this short story—we needed some sort of cover/promo image. We gotta have some main image to link around, right? So, Andrew (who colored this piece, as well) came up with this wraparound banner idea that, within the web format, works very nicely on top of looking bad ass. So, let’s call it a chapter break image officially, but a promo image and/or a first cover, as well. It’s the most multi-purpose image in the history of Mars: Space Barbarian!

…so far, that is!

A little business, as well…

The response to Only the Strong, our first 5-page story, was HUGE! Thank you so much to everyone who linked it around and spread the word, as well as anyone who offered us kind words, compliments, and encouragement! It’s greatly, greatly appreciated. Amidst the kind words, many people also asked us when there’d be more Mars. The short answer: We’re working on more now. The longer answer: This is a passion project and doesn’t pay the bills (Though, one day, maybe…). We all have to do other work for that, so we’ll be working on Mars as fast as the rest of all our other work allows. But, in our randomly updating format, we’ll aim to keep a steady flow of content here in the form of sketches and process posts when we don’t have new pages to post. Thanks for your patience on this front, folks. We’ll pay you back for it in awesome comic pages currency just as soon as we can!